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Working hard at what I don't enjoy...

January and February for me have been ALL about refreshing my brand and website. I have spent many, many unseen hours at my laptop comparing fonts, colours and spacing. I'll be honest, it's been a huge learning curve for me and I am very grateful to my friend Fiona, of Primrose Path jewellery for all the advice and gentle encouragement.

Here's the result!

At the start of 2024 I realised I was feeling disconnected from my brand as it was, but by adapting the colour scheme and softening my logo I definitely feel more in line with Charlie Rose Clothes. I also love the new tag line "comfortable clothes for colourful people"!

Charlie Rose owner Sarah holds her laptop while loooking at the camera
It doesn't help when your laptop needs upgrading!

It's very difficult as a one-person small business creative to delve deeply into the aspects of your business which you 1. lack skills in and 2. do not enjoy. I would MUCH rather be in my workshop sewing a new item than looking into SEO, but with dwindling orders and lack of engagement I didn't feel I had much choice. I very much had to put on my big girl pants (colourfu ones, mind) and just get on with it. No-one was going to do it for me and I also couldn't afford to employ someone to do the dirty work.

So, mostly I am happy with my updated website, I am still spending time listing my products and once my Spring+Summer collection is ready to launch I will be updating it further with new photos and products. I also need to work on my flat lays, and updating some of my images to JPG and not PNG so that they load quicker (I told you it wasn't fun...). Does a website EVER feel "done"??

I'd love it if you could tell me what you think!

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